Who can be involved with the space?

Any active student, faculty, or staff of Columbia University can join the Makerspace, as well as any Alumni with a valid CU ID card.


Safety Training

Safety training is mandatory for anyone wanting to become a User, and in fact, access to space is prohibited to anyone who hasn’t received this.  These sessions are about 30 minutes and are held multiple times throughout the week.  You do not need to register for these sessions in advance.  Please see the calendar for scheduled safety training sessions.

Once you have received the safety training, you are considered a user.


Tool Training

The first step after becoming a user is to be trained on specific tools, and this training is provided by superusers. Every superuser is familiar with and able to train most basic tools in the space, and you are welcome to ask them during their office hours without making an appointment. 

Some tools are more specialized and not every superuser can train them. For those tools, there is typically a subset of superusers that can. Check the list of superusers  to determine which superuser knows which tool, and you may wish to coordinate with them for training.  

If you already know how to use a tool, not a problem. Speak with the superuser on duty and demonstrate that you do. They'll be happy to check you off on the tool or provide a refresher if needed.



As a member of the space, you are expected to know and follow these policies:


  • You must be familiar with and follow the lab safety policies outlined in the safety training. 
  • You must be trained on any tool you use in the space.

  • Ask questions if you are uncertain about any aspect of a tool's operation.  

  • Look out for yourself and your peers. If you see anything dangerous, please report it to a superuser.  

Respect the space

  • Clean up after yourself. This is both being considerate and for safety.  
  • You can only be in the space when a superuser or the lab manager is present. Also respect opening and closing times. See the calendar for listed hours.

  • Do not circumvent any space policy or safety procedure.  

Respect your colleagues

  • Be considerate of other users and superusers in the space.  
  • Share the tools.   

Respect the equipment

  • Do not borrow tools from the space.
  • Use tools for their intended purpose.  

  • Put tools and material back after using them.

  • Refill tools that are empty.  

  • Notify the superuser on duty if the space is low or out of a certain material.  


  • The space provides many materials (electronic components, cloth, wood, plastic, vinyl, etc.) for you to use. You are welcome to whatever you find in the public bins as long as you are not using a sizable portion of our inventory.  Talk to a superuser for details on what quantities are reasonable.  
  • See the Tools section for specific material limits.

  • If you are using a sizable portion of our inventory, we ask that you bring your own materials. We are happy to recommend suppliers.