Can I store my project in the MakerSpace?

Due to the limited space available, users will not have access to storage space at CMS.  Only superusers do.


I want to 3D print, but will my design be too large? What are maximum measurements for a 3D print? What are the resolutions of the printers?

Our primary 3D printer is the Ultimaker extended 2+ and extended 3+. Please refer to the product pages for the detailed specs.



Are the 3D printers free to use?

There are limitations for print time and material use on our 3D printers. While we provide filament free-of-charge, we want to ensure that we have enough for all users, and that no users abuse this supply. We may also not have the exact filament color or type that you may need. If the Makerspace cannot suit your purposes, we would like to suggest sources such as Shapeways or 3Dhubs to meet your exact needs.  We also place a 12 hour limit for each print to prevent a single user for hogging a machine for too long.  


I'm a current user - how do I become a superuser?

New superusers are always welcome!  Check out the requirements on the Getting Started page!


Whom can I contact with any questions?

Reach out to the superusers or lab manager by email on our Contact Page.


Not many hours are posted.  Is the space open?

We are often more low-key about scheduling between semesters or during the summer.  If so, you are welcome to come by and see if we’re open or contact us on our Contact Page.  


I’m not affiliated with Columbia, but I would like to arrange a tour for a group I represent. Whom should I contact?

Reach out to the lab manager, Mo, by email on our Contact Page.


I haven’t been trained on a specific tool.  Would you please make my part for me?

Sorry, no.  The space here is intended for Users to come make their projects, and we don’t offer services to make your parts for you.  


I have a project due tomorrow, and I NEED access to the space or a particular tool.  

If the tool is available and the space is open, you are welcome to use it.  Otherwise, we are not in the habit of specially opening the space for cases like this.  


You don’t have a particular tool I need.  What should I do?

Let us know!  We’ve bought a number of tools for Users because they asked.


I am a Columbia Alum.  Do I have access to the space?

As of 4/13/18,  CU Alum with a valid CU ID card are welcome to use the space. 

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