Hello and Welcome!

Who We Are and What We Do

The Columbia MakerSpace (CMS) is a Columbia University affiliated workshop.  We provide wide variety of tools and for students, artists, makers, creatives, programmers, scientists and engineers to use and space in which they can a work, share ideas and collaborate.

First Time Visitors

If this is your first time to our site, please start with the Getting Started page.  It provides an overview of how we operate and everything you need to know to get involved with the space.  The Tools & Resources page provides some details on the tools, resources, and associated seminars we provide to Users of the space.  Hours & Events lists the hours that the space is open as well as provide times for safety training, seminars, and other special events.  Our Team tells you who we are and where our specific talents lie.  In Showcase, we show off several projects created in the space to show you what is possible and hopefully to inspire.  The FAQ and our Contact Us page is provided for questions.  


Location: Mudd Building 12th floor

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