The lab is open to Users whenever open office hours are held by superusers or the lab manager.  See the calendar below.  Of note, new users must attend a safety training before attending open office hours.  Refer to the Getting Started page for more information.  Seminars are also shown in the calendar below.  


Casual Makery:  Friday October 27th, Screen Printing and Music on Pupin Plaza -- Come grab a tee shirt, learn to screen print, and listen to some good music with the Columbia Makerspace. 

POSTPONED!! NEW DATE: OCTOBER 25TH, Seminar: Engrave your own name plate - Milling Wednesday at 5:00pm in the Science & Engineering Library



Below is a list of seminars being offered during the 2017-2018 school year.  Scheduling TBD.  



Laser Cutter

Jewelry Making


Screen Printing


  • Bow Tie Sewing (link missing) by Perrin Jones

3D Printer

Stained Glass

Vinyl Cutter


Mixed Tools